26-28 Sept.

Saturday, 28 Sep. 9:00–12:30


Leading transformation

/ Alberta Soranzo

Alberta Soranzo


During times of significant change, organizational challenges abound — from employee resistance, to lack of investment in training and coaching, from awkward ‘new ways of working’ implementations to lack of organization, the risk to further unsettle an already fragile environment is high.

However, a thoughtful and considered approach, that includes letting go of control, opening up and creating transparency, can help us overcome challenges and embrace the opportunities inherent in a changing landscape.

How can we, as leaders of a diverse and multi-disciplinary workforce, find ways to inspire and engage our teams, and focus organizations on higher performance? How do we pivot from slow-moving, top-down, “command-and-control” approaches and embrace leadership styles that are effective and human. How do we invite collaboration, autonomy and self-management to create resilience and drive business outcomes.

This workshop, based on the latest research on leadership (with a sprinkling of history), will teach you how to safely and pragmatically recognize and adopt leadership behaviors that inspire hearts and minds, transform environments by focusing on people, clarity of purpose and impact, and result in adaptive and sustainable organizations.


Alberta Soranzo

An incorrigible nomad, Alberta has lived and worked in Italy and California and is now based in London, UK. 

As Transformation Design Director, specializing in service design and systems thinking at Lloyds Banking Group, she leads multi disciplinary teams that focus on the creation and delivery of future-friendly services and outcomes that are rooted in systemic understanding and unlock value for the organization and its customers.

Unafraid of challenging conventions, Alberta puts people at the heart of her design process, connects decision-making to impact, and contends that you should always under promise and then over deliver. 

Prior to Lloyds, Alberta was experience design director at digital agencies in London and at UCLA in California. She has a long track record of leading strategic projects for global brands, including Oracle, Sun Microsystems, Center for Disease Control and Prevention, UCLA, HSBC, Deutsche Bank, RBS, BUPA, The Co-operative Group, EDF, Nuffield Health and T.Rowe Price.

 When she’s looking to escape the world of design and transformation, Alberta plays ice hockey, lifts weights and tries to keep up with the crazy life of her teenage daughters.

You can follow Alberta’s adventures on Twitter @albertatrebla or connect with her on LinkedIn.

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