28-30 Sept.


Friday, 29 Sept. 14:00

User research : A love story

Oana Secara

20 min. talk
Conducting user research has never been easier: we can have users at our fingertips with just a press of a button. But when was the last time you met with them in their own environment?

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Conducting user research has never been easier: we can have users at our fingertips with just a press of a button. But when was the last time you met with them in their own environment?

I believe that going on location is a vital piece of the research puzzle. In this session I will show how important is to allocate time to find the user in the real world and let them take you on a journey. Present a different way of look at the user research process.

Also I will share some of the experiences I had while conducting on location user research, moments when our users helped and guided me towards understanding them better. And the emotional journey they took me on.


Oana Secara

Oana is an experienced UX designer who fully believes the voice of the user should be paramount while designing anything. She is now working for Johnson Controls' customers, and in her free time she is constantly looking for new ways to incorporate her passion for gaming into day to day work activities.

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09:00 - 13:00
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User research : A love story
Oana Secara
Conducting user research has never been easier: we can have users at our fingertips with just a press of a button. But when was the last time you met with them in their own environment?
What's the Point of IA? It Depends. But Here's a Framework for Finding Out
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14:30 - 15:15


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