28-30 Sept.


We are proud to be hosting this year's summit at one of the most impressive venues in Stockholm: the Elite Hotel Marina Tower.


Välkommen in Stockholm

The Elite Hotel Marina Tower certainly has a pretty long name, but we're so pleased to have secured it as our venue for EuroIA 2017 - with amazing views from the main conference room looking over the water, it's a genuinely stunning stage for the 13th edition of the conference.

Secure your stay at the Elite Hotel Marina Tower with a reserved special rate for EuroIA attendees!
Special rate is available for a limited number of rooms on a first come, first serve basis.

If you are planning to devote a few days visiting the city, we prepared a few tips for you on this Medium post!


About EuroIA

EuroIA is the leading Information Architecture (IA) and User Experience (UX) conference for Europe.

EuroIA has travelled through Europe over the years: Brussels, Barcelona, Rome, Berlin, Paris, Prague, and most recently, in Amsterdam. In 2017 will be in Stockholm for the first time. Learn more about EuroIA.

EuroIA is organised by volunteers all around Europe, with three co-chairs, an active committee and over 35 country ambassadors. Find out who is who at EuroIA.



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