22-24 Sept.
EuroIA 2017 goes to Stockholm

EuroIA 2016

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The EuroIA summit is Europe’s leading Information Architecture (IA) and User Experience (UX) conference.  

EuroIA 2016 in Amsterdam has come to an end. Thank you all for 3 inspiring days of workshops, talks, slams, drinks and lots of fun.

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EuroIA 2017 will be in Stockholm! We hope to see you there...


Here is what happened at EuroIA 2016.


3 Keynotes

Thursday, 22 Sept. done

Claire Rowland

What practical differences do UX designers face for products/services which combine physical and digital? Claire Rowland is an independent product design and UX research/strategy consultant specialising in the Internet of Things (IoT).

Friday, 23 Sept. done

Alanus von Radecki

How will connected things change our lives on larger scales? Alanus von Radecki is Director of a Fraunhofer Innovation Network, coordinating 20 companies, 12 Fraunhofer-Institutes and 15 cities on innovation projects for sustainable urban development.

Saturday, 24 Sept. done

Alistair Duff

How does a world of connectedness affect the development of human beings? Alistair S. Duff, who read philosophy at the Universities of London and Glasgow, explains the impact of an always-connected world on society.

12 Workshops

20+ Talks

2 Reporters

Nádia Ferreira

Sketch noter in residence

Peter Vermaercke

Photographer in residence



Our Theme

For EuroIA 2016 we propose a theme called “Connected Things Amongst Us”.

Our work as information architects and UX designers is no longer confined to web pages or even the browser. We design and shape digital solutions for an ever more complex world full of connected things. And we rarely do this from scratch. The contexts are often so complex that we cannot define every detail and aspect of our solution.

We are challenged to architect systems

  • which are ecosystems of connected devices
  • which provide cross-channel user experiences
  • where humans can barely intervene in the cybernetic interplay of sensors, processors and actuators (e.g. in logistics)
  • where algorithms do the job and humans are hired for sub-tasks (e.g in financial or legal services)
  • where businesses and networks drive their power from connectedness
  • for internet of things devices

What role do we information architects play within these realms? With our specific skills and heritage, how can we contribute to them? How do we practice information architecture for connected things? What are the results of work already accomplished in this area, which solutions have proven right and what challenges do we still face?

Finally, what are the cultural and ethical consequences of such complex systems of connected things? It is our responsibility to shape solutions that are not only efficient and helpful but also respect the privacy of individuals and communicate accurately the extent to which people are sharing their data.

At the EuroIA 2016 conference, we will bring together IA & UX practitioners and people from other fields of practice who are all structuring and shaping environments of connected things.

We hope to see you there!

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Welkom in Amsterdam

EuroIA returns to Amsterdam, the city that in 2008 hosted probably the most successful and definitely the most well-attended of all EuroIA conferences.

EuroIA 2016 takes place at The Renaissance Hotel, in the heart of Amsterdam, within walking distance of the Amsterdam central train station and Amsterdam's main highlights.

The Renaissance Hotel Kattengat 1
Amsterdam, 1012 SZ
The Netherlands
+31 (0)20 621 2223

About EuroIA

EuroIA is the leading Information Architecture (IA) and User Experience (UX) conference for Europe.

EuroIA has travelled through Europe over the years: Brussels, Barcelona, Rome, Berlin, Paris, Prague... In 2016 we return to Amsterdam. Learn more about EuroIA.

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